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Multiplex Image Analysis


Multiplex fluorescent imaging helps reveal the vast complexity of cellular interactions in the tumor microenvironment. Image analysis turns the exploration of these visually impressive results into meaningful and quantifiable pieces of information. Determine cell phenotypes and map spatial interactions to help you identify the significant biological processes present in tissues.


If our FixVUE panels contain all the markers relevant to your questions, UltiFix image analysis is the perfect companion to answer them. Get complete and standardized quantitative reports for the phenotypes defined by the panels.

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Exploring your scientific questions often requires flexibility in the selection of biomarkers, as offered by FlexVUE panels. UltiFlex extends that concept to the image analysis, providing tailored analysis reports adjusted to your panel design.

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Leading the field shouldn’t mean you have to go it alone. Our in-house experts at image analysis, algorithm development, and computational pathology can accompany you on your journey with custom-built analysis for your unique project.

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Analysis designed for multiplex

Analysis designed for multiplex find out more

Spatial analysis of the tissue microenvironment

Explore the biology of your tissues across cohorts, studies, and indications. Image analysis gives you control over the overwhelming wealth of signals that multiplex immunofluorescence can provide. Add readouts curated to help you understand and structure your images, allowing you to find the information that can be converted to knowledge.

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Whole slide NSCLC FFPE sample stained with FixVUE Immuno8 panel and same-slide H&E staining. Image analysis overlays detect cell segmentation and region detection of tumor versus stroma.

UltiFix Image Analysis

Preconfigured image analysis for off-the-shelf staining panels
Your fast track to explore the most relevant biology across samples

UltiFlex Image Analysis

Image analysis that keeps pace with rapid panel adjustments
Find your targets and adjust quickly as your knowledge grows

Custom Image Analysis

Special questions require special solutions.
Benefit from our combined expertise in assay and image analysis development

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Partner with a team of ground-breaking image analysis experts

From choosing the right markers to finding the results that illuminate your data, Ultivue is committed to helping you visualize and interpret the scientific value in your research. Finding solutions that move the needle for discovery and translate into actionable data that can inform decision-making is at the heart of our image analysis team. With expertise in both the latest scientific findings and deep technical knowledge of image analysis, we are excited to work together with you to create robust and meaningful solutions.

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Region of interest from NSCLC FFPE tissue stained with FixVUE Immuno8 panel with cell segmentation overlay used to detect distinct cell phenotypes.

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