About us

Our teams are dedicated to research innovation and to delivering exceptional quality products and services to the Life Science and Biomedical communities.

Executive Management

Jacques Corriveau

President and CEO

Richard Malabre

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Pemberton

Senior Vice President, Commercial Development

Mike Sismour

Vice President, Research

Mark Rees

Vice President, Corporate Development

James Drummey

Vice President, Products and Quality

Adrian Arechiga

Vice President, Global Marketing

Keith Wharton

Vice President, Medical Director

Florian Leiss

Vice President, Digital Health Strategies

Siobhan Desmond

Vice President, Head of People and Culture

Board of Directors

Martin Madaus

David Walt

Peng Yin

Keith Crandell

Adam Wieschhaus

Daguang Wang

Fenel Eloi

Mary Pat Lancelotta

Andrew L. Stevenson