Develop better biomarkers.
Turning tissues into actionable data.

A new standard for multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) solutions has arrived. Utilize, discover, and design biomarker panels to profile the immune landscape in your tissues with unprecedented clarity. With ready-to-use panels, innovative software tools and image analysis services, Ultivue is an ideal partner to outsource your assay development needs and deliver compelling results that move your science forward.


Characterize immune biology with product solutions for tissue discovery. Choose a preselected panel of markers, like the Immuno8 FixVUE panel, to get a comprehensive picture of the immune microenvironment. For a customized look at specific immune subtypes, choose the FlexVUE panel and interrogate the tissue biology quickly and confidently. If your unique questions require a fully customized solution, the U-VUE menu of markers allows you to choose from a wide selection of pre-optimized markers to build the panel you need.

Image Analysis

A complete spatial analysis of the tumor biology requires comprehensive image analysis. Using the latest innovations in the field of computational pathology, our expert team of image and data analysis specialists can help you tease out the most important findings from your images. Determine the phenotypes present, find the regional differences in immune response, and understand the underlying biology to inform your trial design.