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Spatial profiling of the tissue microenvironment expands the depth of information possible from a single tissue section

Ultivue offers fluorescent multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) services through its proprietary InSituPlex® DNA-barcoding and antibody staining technology. InSituPlex technology allows multiple biomarkers to be visualized and quantified on a single slide while preserving the tissue morphology, allowing you to perform H&E staining on the same slide.

The system is built with flexibility in mind, so you can test multiple hypotheses and refine as needed. Easily add or remove biomarkers to define your assay and get the data you require to identify the most clinically relevant panel to move forward – all within 8 to 12 weeks.

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Accelerate your tissue biomarker discovery and validation
    Compared to other methods that can span 12 months or more
    Add or subtract markers without assay redevelopment
    Easily transfer to multiple indications
Whole slide imaging of high-plex staining
    Characterize patient samples with up to 12 markers per section
    No spectral unmixing or background subtraction.
    Get deeper biological insights with image analysis
    Combine morphological data with functional and phenotypic data

Visualize the immune landscape with unprecedented clarity across an entire tissue section. Discover cell phenotypes, assess the tumor immune status and heterogeneity, and delve deeper into the mechanisms driving response to drug therapy.

Region of interest and image analysis of a NSCLC FFPE sample stained with the Immuno8 FixVUE Panel. Markers: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD68, FoxP3, PD-1, PD-L1, CK/SOX10, and nuclear counterstain.

Don’t miss the interesting biology unique to your tissue.

With whole slide imaging, you get a holistic view of the entire tissue allowing you to find the most interesting biology for deeper assessment.

Build and refine without wasting time.

Work with our services labs to build and refine an assay and quickly iterate to determine the ideal set of markers for your clinical trial data.

Get the data you need to make confident decisions.

Our experts can also create an algorithm to analyse the image data, and support you with validation and transfer to a CRO.

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your journey
Assay development from start to finish

Our services lab offers a complete portfolio of solutions to help you find the assay that will advance your drug program. We provide consultative services to develop and test the marker panel that will make the difference in your clinical trials in weeks, not months. In addition, image analysis services give you quantitative assessments of the tissue microenvironment, allowing you to get the data you need for decision making in record time.

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Ultivue staining technology

Ultivue staining technology

Reveal the phenotype of every cell in the tissue biopsy. Perform H&E and multiplex staining on the same slide.

See the morphological features and validate signals on specific cells and regions directly on the same tissue. Gentle assay conditions leave the tissue intact, regardless of how many markers are analyzed. Not only does this ensure that there are no changes in antigenicity over multiple rounds of detection, but you can directly stain the same sample with H&E.

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Create traditional pathology annotations on the
same slide to confirm phenotypic data.

Starting an assay development project with Ultivue means that you have access to our in-house expertise.

Why not start a discussion today with some of our experts?

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Speak with an expert

Get advice from a board-certified pathologist to ensure that the outcomes for your assay development project will have clinical relevance tailored to your specific study.

Image Analysis Specialist

With a deep understanding of computational pathology, find out how multiplex discovery can lead to more robust algorithm development for your clinical assays.

Biomarker Strategy Specialist

With years of experience in immuno-oncology, spatial analysis, and digital pathology get expert consultation to design the optimal panel for your study.

Assay Development Specialist

Consult with our experts in assay development. With deep understanding of the journey from research to clinical trials, get assistance on designing your assay.

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